Derma Roller Cellulite Kit - 192 Needles

Our premium stratum corneum rebuilding skin needling kit is recommended for cellulite reduction. Kit includes combination treatment with our recommended caffeine cream Procellix.

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Derma Roller Cellulite Kit - 192 Needles
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Skin micro-needling (derma rolling) is an increasingly common cosmetic procedure for treating cellulite. Our roller is a class 1 medical device which is simple and easy to use at home.

Suggested Needle Length:

(1.0 mm) cellulite

(1.5 mm) for more severe cases of cellulite

Procellix is a cellulite toning cream that uses a patented delivery system to help its key combination of cellulite fighters penetrate deeply into your skin. By traveling deep to where fat deposits form, Procellix is able to help in their breakdown while encouraging collagen growth. Not only do they work on the surface of the skin, they penetrate the top layer to work as a diuretic to draw the liquid out of the trapped areas. This tightening and diuretic effect can give the appearance of tighter, more sculpted skin. The result is smoother skin with less dimples

Procellix has the ingredient Aminophylline which has been reported to break down fat and cellulite from cells by triggering enzymes that help the body to release fat from stores in certain areas of the body. You may recognize Aminophylline as a treatment for asthma but it is also very important for cellulite creams. It causes the fat cells to stick where it is administered. It then causes the fat cells in those areas to breakdown. This is a very natural way to initiate lymph drainage.

Aminophylline also allows the skin to get tighter so that there aren?t lines or wrinkles present. Works well on thighs and buttocks for women and has a smoothing effect on the skin. Can also be used by men, areas indicated for this, are abdomen and stomach

Boost Cellulite Creams

Using the ReJuveness derma rollers can also boost the effectiveness of other anti cellulite creams. It allows the cream to penetrate the upper layer of skin, increasing the effectiveness. For an example, absorption of vitamin C cream has been shown to increase by up to 40 times after using a derma roller!

Do not share your Dermaheal Roller with anyone else.

Do not use Procellix if Pregnant.

Do not use this product if you have open cuts, wounds, sun-burnt skin, active herpes outbreaks, pustule acne lesions, or any other acute infection or inflammation of the skin, have a history of poor wound healing, collagen diseases, blood problems, are pregnant or lactating, are prone to keloid scarring or have diabetes. Aspirin, Nurofen, Vitamin E and blood thinning drugs all cause increased bruising and should not be taken in the two weeks leading up to treatment.

For Reduction of fat and cellulite.

Micro needling device.

Procellix Ingredients:


Aminophylline cream, contains the chemical Aminophylline which was primarily used to relax the bronchial airways (the passages in the lungs). It was discovered to have fat-wasting powers. In other words if you rub the cream on fatty areas, like the thighs, the fat will dissolve.

This idea came became popular in 1993 after researchers at a medical meeting reported that some women who used the cream to their thighs for six weeks lost over an inch of fat from their thighs

Aloe Bardensis Gel

Modern research reveals that aloe enhances the proteolytic enzyme action in skin tissue. By helping the natural process of cell division and exfoliation, aloe effectively rejuvenates and rebuilds new healthy tissue at an accelerated pace. Glycerin Glycerin is a neutral, sweet-tasting, colorless, thick liquid and is highly "hygroscopic" which means that it absorbs water from the air. Diluted with water, however, it softens the skin.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol serves as a Humectant ? a substance that helps retain moisture content, or simply ?it prevents things from drying out. This, of course, is a good reason it?s in cosmetics and other personal care items. It makes the skin feel moist and soft.


Caffeine applied to the skin operates in three ways - as an antioxidant, a diuretic and a vasoconstrictor. For years, caffeine has been used in products sold to reduce cellulite. It's clear that caffeine dehydrates fat cells by somehow energizing them which in turn causes the sodium/potassium component of the cells to vacate.

Bladderwrack Extract (fucus Vesiculosus)

The common name by which this seaweed, or marine algae (flora) is known is Bladderwrack and this plant belongs to the family of brown algae in which the green color of the chlorophyll has been masked by other pigments, mainly fucoxanthin, which is brown, and is used to fight cellulite. This marine plant is used both internally as well as in topical lotions for obesity, rheumatism and to fight cellulite, and is also referred to as the anti-fat herb.

Sage Extract

Sage (Salvia officinalis [Latin]), also known as garden meadow, has a long tradition of medicinal uses. Sage has been used over the past 2,000 years or so has been recommended by herbalists to treat just about every known condition. Carbomer Carbomer is a term used for a series of polymers primarily made from acrylic acid. The Carbomers are white, fluffy powders but are frequently used as gels in cosmetics and personal care products.

Guarana Extract

Guarana extract is also known as guaranine. It is chemically identical to that of caffeine. The level of caffeine contained within the guarana berries is at least seven times higher than the levels contained within coffee beans. It is used in Cellulite creams because of it theophylline and caffeine components. Research shows it can be absorbed into the skin

Apply Procellix twice a day.

Skin Needling Instructions

The instructions are to be used as a guide to getting your skin needling treatment underway. It is important to understand that while a good place to start, it is likely that you will develop your own routine in terms of the frequency and pressure of rolling.

You will find out what suits you best - if you need help at any time contact us via email or phone (800-588-7455) we are here to suggest adjustments and help you get the very best from your skin needling experience.

Dermaroller Treatments:

The dermaroller can be used as part of a successful treatment regime for all of the following.

* Stretch Mark Removal * Anti Aging * Scar Removal including Pitted and Acne Scarring * Cellulite Reduction * Wrinkle Reduction * Hair Loss Treatments * Boosting topically applied skincare products

There are two recommended methods of using your Derma roller and if you are unsure of how to use them, follow these carefully. We update these recommendations based on the experiences of our customers ? whenever the changes occur, we update our web site. Once you have undergone a skin needling session, improvements may continue to develop for several months.

To Start:

Establish a sterile environment, make sure you wash your hands as well as making sure that the body area you are about to treat is also clean. We also recommend that you ensure that the treatment area is clean and free from germs. You may wish to wipe down the area with a disinfectant (rubbing alcohol) or similar.

If it is the first time you are using your Derma roller, sterilizing before use with disinfectant (rubbing alcohol). Although most products do come pre-sterilized you should check before use.

Ensure that you have all the items necessary to begin your treatment including your derma roller, moisturizer, topicaine gel (if used), antibacterial cream (if used) and any other third party products you may require. (Such as anti cellulite cream, hair loss remedy, etc.)

Method One: The Simple Approach

This is the most common way of using the device - the vast majority of people use their roller in this manner.

Using the roller with slight pressure; roll the device back and forth four times in four directions as shown below. The treatment should not be painful and should not draw blood. You will become accustomed to how much pressure you can apply without causing any pain or discomfort.


Use the roller as part of your daily routine - you can roll every day if you wish although we recommend allowing your skin at least a couple of days of rest each week. It is possible to use the roller far less often and we suggest that fitting your sessions in with your daily and weekly routine will improve the overall experience. Note that it is not necessary to roll more than once a day.

Method Two:

This method involves greater preparation but only requires less frequent use of the device. It is a similar method to that which professional treatments adhere to. Treatments can be carried out whenever you have the opportunity ? we recommend monthly treatments although bi-weekly sessions are also fine. When using this method, it is suggested that preparing the treatment area before hand does achieve optimum results. This means applying a ReJuveness scar cream or ReJuveness (Claudio Memory Serum) moisturizer to the area in the days before treatment will ensure your skin is best prepared to begin the healing process once treatment has finished.

If using a numbing cream such as ?EMLA? to the area, please read the instructions on any numbing agents you use thoroughly before use. Follow the instructions above, rolling the Derma roller in different directions, applying greater pressure and/or make additional rolls of the device. (Do not overdo your rolling)

Skin Care After Rolling:

If you have followed method two, we recommend that after cleaning the area, you should apply an antibacterial cream to protect from any possible infection. (It is unlikely this will happen but it is wise to take precautions.) Apply ReJuveness scar cream or ReJuveness (Claudio Memory Serum) moisturizer after use. Remember that part of the benefits of using your roller is the boost in absorption rates of topical products. Nourishing your skin at this point can reap major benefits.

You may experience a slight reddening of the area after treatment. This will fade quickly but dependant on your method, it may last for up to 24 hours. We strongly recommend either staying out of the sun for this period or using a sunscreen to protect yourself.

For Hair Loss and Thinning Hair:

Unlike other treatments, use on thinning hair will not be of benefit without the application of additional products. Use these products as directed, ensuring that you use a short needled derma roller before application (0.5mm or below)

For example - Each morning / night, after showering and washing your scalp, dry well with a clean towel. Roll the Derma roller over the scalp in one direction (and not back and forth). Apply Claudio Memory Serum to balding areas and massage into the scalp thoroughly. If you notice the scalp flaking after a few days, simply rub the dead skin away while shampooing your hair. Treat no more than once per day, 5 times per week.

Face Treatments:

Please take care when using the Derma roller on your face and never use the Derma roller on your eyes or lips.

Care of your Derma Roller:

Unless you are disposing your roller after use, when you have finished using the device, rinse it under hot running water. If you have used the roller with numbing cream, stand head first in the half full glass of disinfectant (rubbing alcohol) for approximately one minute. If you only used the roller gently, you need only disinfect the device on a weekly basis. Shake off the excess liquid and stand on a clean towel to dry. Please do not put the device away while it is still wet. When it is completely dry, put the roller away where it will avoid damage.

Important Safety Info:

* Never share your Dermaroller with other people.

* Do not use a dermaroller on areas of sunburn, open cuts or other sore and tender areas.

* Do not us your dermaroller if you are suffering from active herpes outbreaks or any other inflamations of the skin.

* You can contact us at any time if you have any questions.

* We are not responsible for any unfavourable results which may be derived from improper use of this product.

Possible Side Effects:

Your skin is likely to redden after use. This should fade within a few hours. In extreme cases, this may last for 24 hours.

It is possible that you will experience dryness of skin after rolling. This can be accompanied with some flaking of the skin. If you do suffer in this way, stopping rolling should allow the skin to return to normal within a few days. Please use common sense in these cases - reduce the frequency with which you use the roller and ensure you are using ReJuveness scar cream or ReJuveness (Claudio) moisturizer after use. If still in doubt or the flaking continues, either stop using the roller or contact us for further support.

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