Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care

"I am the person that used Rosa Angelica"

on the right side of my face for forty days to see if I could really see a difference. It became obvious to me and everyone who looked at me. It did make a difference. I am fifty eight years old and have spent 24 hours a day for all of those years growing old. Now I am spending 15 minutes a day to help me stay young. Joyce Ware, Mentor, Ohio

"I have been using Rosa Angelica for approximately 3 months"

My skin looks better and healthier than it ever has. I am 38 years old and people are starting to tell me that I look younger and my skin glows. Thanks again for such a great product. Deborah Cranston, Canton, Ohio.

"I had stretch marks on both legs from childbirth" 

now I have a really hard time trying to find where they are to put more on so they will be completely gone. I also had a burn on my wrist from my oven. Well guess what, it's almost gone too. I'm just amazed at the results I've seen. In the winter my cheeks are so dry they burn like a sunburn. So far this winter not one time have my cheeks burned from the cold weather. Even the little crows feet around my eyes have vanished. I don't think anything compares to Rosa Angelica. Mrs. Kandi Hasher, Diamond, Ohio

"The lines in my lips are disappearing and they are becoming fuller" 

almost as if I were in high school again. That was 16 years ago! I've never been able to keep my finger nails from chipping, splitting and ripping off. After using your memory serum for a short period of time, I noticed that my cuticles looked healed and healthy, the skin around my cuticles had stopped cracking and splitting and my nails were a beautiful uniform shape and length. My perm looks healthy, bouncy, shiny and natural, no longer frizzy, dry and split. Using Rosa Angelica after I color has eliminated any color damage I formerly experienced and has lengthened the life of my temporary hair color. Ann Garling, Brecksville, Ohio

"A Dermatologist had diagnosed my hand problem as "dermatitis""

Your "Memory serum" has provided soothing, softening and comforting relief for the extremely dry and severly cracked skin. You may feel free to send out copies of this profound testimonial in favor of this product. Carol Faecking, Elyria, Ohio

"Two years ago I had surgery on my neck for three ruptured discs" 

that had to be fused with new bone, they went through the front of my neck to operate on the spine. I do believe I'm seeing a slight change in the prominence of that scar. I can hardly believe it but there really is some improvement in the appearance. Pat Arnold, Uniontown, Ohio

" My son suffers from chronic diaper rash from excess protein in his system"

These diaper rashes get so severe that he bleeds. When I noticed the last case first appear, I applied the Rosa Angelica to the rash. Within 2 hours the rash was 90% gone and after 2 applications, it was completely gone. Michelle Byrd, Hastings, Michigan This product has unbelievably changed the appearance of my skin. I was flot expecting a big difference. But eyes looked as fresh and smooth in the morning as they were when I went to bed. This is a first for me in a couple of years. Thank you for caring about people. Holly Bayhurst, Fairview, PA.

"Where no product could stop the bleeding of my lipstick from wrinkles"

at age 64, your product has succeeded. My large, second degree burn, blistered and bright red healed in 2 1/2 weeks without marks! Good news, I've been using it on the soles of my feet, after a two months application, I don't need pedicures anymore. Audrey Brackenbush, Independence, OH.

"Your product has reduced my hair loss"

as measured by my added screen in my sink by 90% and where I still had live follicles in my scalp, new hair has grown in! Randy Sisler, N. Canton, Ohio

I have eczema on my face and feet.

Rosa Angelica has been a blessing from heaven, no wonder they call it the Rose of the Angels. After daily application my condition is disappearing. Toni Anderson, Cleveland, Ohio

"I have used "Rosa Angelica" for over three months"

My face is smoother and softer and many age lines have disappeared. Delores Plabosh, Aliquippa, PA .

" I want to inform you how very much I like my "Rosa Angelica"

It really does make my skin so soft, both face & hands. appreciate a really good product. Norma Hippley, Lisbon, Ohio

"I have to tell you how much I LOVE your skin care line!"

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and I can really see a difference. I’m 32 years and since I was 12 I have had problems with my skin, whether it be with acne or oiliness or I would try and address the oil and would end up with dry skin. Anyways, I think this is the best my skin has looked since I was 11. I keep looking in the mirror because I just can’t believe it. In the morning I use a little of the collagen wait about a minute and then apply the Serum. About every 3rd evening I apply a litter Serum followed by the Rose Hip oil that I gently massage into my skin for about 5 minutes. I noticed once on a couple of small blemishes that when I only applied the Serum to them they were healed in about 24 hours!

I’m still playing around with the products to see what works best for me but I do know that my skin loves it! I purchased some natural make up right before I received your product to even out my skin but I don’t like using it now because I think my skin looks better without it. I have a very even tone with just a faint glow.

I have tried SO MANY skin care lines over the years, never sticking to any of them for more than 3 or 4 months. I’ve always preferred the natural lines, I’m an ingredient reader from way back. I went to school to be an Esthetition but had a hard time sitting still long enough to give a person a facial. I worked for 2 years in the nutrition department at Whole Foods in S. Ca., that was quite an education in itself.

I recommend this product to ANYONE. When my skin looks good it really boosts my self confidence and lately I’ve been feeling like a million bucks!

Most Sincerely, Paige, Wyoming

"I risked losing my hair altogether"

On the day I called to place my first order for the Skin Memory Serum, my hairdresser had just informed me that due to the overuse of hair colorings and peroxides, I was now going to have to let my shoulder-length hair grow COMPLETELY out before continuing with the colorings or risk losing my hair altogether! It felt just like straw and was breaking off in 2-3 inch pieces.

After just 6 applications of the Serum my hair feels like it did before I began coloring it. I simply spray 6 times into my hands, rub them together and work my hands through clean, wet hair for a few seconds. I then run a comb through my hair to make sure all hairs are evenly covered, wait 20 minutes for the Serum to penetrate, and blow dry. That’s it!!! Best of all, I can now continue with the hair colorings. Thank you, ReJuveness!!!

Very truly yours, Mrs. Deborah, Flagstaff, Arizona

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Natural Skin Care Testimonials

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