Derma Rolling

Derma Rolling

"Thank you Dermaheal"

for your skin care advisor Tom taking time out of his day to speak with me. As I mentioned I purchased both Rollers the 192 and 540. I use the rollers with your Rose Angelique Roe Hip Oil, Formula #4 SkinBlemish Remover and Body Moisturizer Formula. The results are simply AMAZING!!! Kind Regards, JuliAna

"I Do Not Like Botox"

I used the 1.0 mm on my face with excellant results, but think I could take the 1.5 mm to improve wrinkles on my forehead. I have heard bad things about botox, so I have elected to try rolling a couple of lines up there. I have noticed some improvement in a short time and will continue to roll until improvement stops. I am shocked at what this product has done overall and can only imagine what may change on my face as I continue to use it. Mary, NY

I am a black african woman with pitted acne scars

that i have had for a very long time, I purchased my roller 3 months ago and hyper heal scar cream and has been using it since then, the results are very dramatic, i tried everything under the sun to get rid of my scars but nothing has ever worked for me like product. I would recommend this product to any black person who has problematic skin, thank you my scars are diminishing. Tonya, LA

"I've been using derma rollers for a year"

and I find myself recommending them all the time. It can take time for the real benefits to become noticeable because rebuilding collagen takes a while. Totally worth the wait, though. I use the .5 mm skin roller on my face and neck. Rebecca, MN

"I used a .5mm roller with Caludio memory serum and I am amazed!"

It has worked the best on my forehead for some reason. I think it works even better combining the memory serum. But my skin looks plumped and thicker. Completely Amazed! Jack, PA"I use a .3mm to drive in skin care products"

and a couple of times have tried the 2.0mm for more intense treatment. I've had no adverse reaction, and have actually noticed that my facial skin is thicker and firmer. Some gals like to use a topical anesthetic for the 2.0mm treatments, but I have not found it necessary.Jeanette, OH

"Just want to say Thank You for my Derma Roller"

which arrived with clear instruction on how to use the product. I have been using it for about 3 months and WOW its amazing, my whole skin looks and feels so much smoother and tighter and my family and friends have also commented on how much younger and smoother it looks. So Thanks you again. P.S. I will definitely be buying your skin care products. Judy, KS

"I can see a definite difference on my hands"

I believe I can see it on my face too. I have been using the .5 for three weeks now. I haven?t seen huge changes on my face but then again it?s only been three weeks! My sister reached out and rubbed my hand today in church and nodded her head acknowledging that she can see a definite difference in my hands. I will keep using this with great anticipation! How awesome that we can buy these rollers online without having to go to dermatologists and paying large amounts of money. I say purchase now..Jasmin, TX

"Alright I was extremely skeptical"

about this product, but went for it anyway and am very surprised with the results. First, I am fast approaching 40 and have had terrible acne since I was a teenager. I seem to have the acne under control, but am left with scars. Then also, my skin, probably through being in the sun, has already begun to sag. I have tried a lot of different things over the years, but instinctively knew that if I had more blood circulation in my face that it would least help with the coloring and may help brighten my appearance. The blood circulation in my mind would help support the skin structure and cell renewal process. I had even read that some users felt it helped their creams work better in firming the skin, in evening out skin tone, etc. So, it did not sound true, but desperation makes us do crazy things. So I bought this rolling device.

I have only used it for a 12 days now. I use it every night. I have noticed and more importantly my husband has noticed an improvement in my acne scaring. I have noticed a more even skin tone (but this is slight after 12 days). The sagging appears to be less noticeable. I am seeing an improvement in the dark circles. I have not changed my skin creams or makeup or anything else, including diet. The truth is that I have actually had less sleep and more stress in the past couple of weeks and still seeing these improvements.Lesley, NC

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