Laser Burns

Laser Burns

Laser treatment often creates burn scars. For scarring that is raised or indented select silicone sheeting, for smooth and discolored scars select our scar ream and if both raised/indented and discolored select a convenient kit. Pharmaceutical grade products and convenient kits for a professional solution to treating laser burned skin.


  • At home all natural, non-invasive treatment
  • Restores scarring to your skins normal texture and color permanently
  • Less costly than physician and spa treatments with superior results
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View: Small Silicone Sheets

Small Silicone Sheets

View: Small Silicone Kits

Small Silicone Kits

View: Rapid Heal Scar Cream  (7 oz)

Rapid Heal Scar Cream (7 oz)

Retail Price: $49.95

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