Acne Scars

Scars Before & After Photos

The photos below speak for themselves utilizing Dermaheals pharmaceutical grade silicone sheeting and scar cream provides a guaranteed recovery of your skins natural texture and color.

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acnescars-after.jpg acnescars-before.jpg
Before - Acne After - Acne discoloration corrected and indentation filled in
<befor_&_after_arm_burn_scar.jpg befor_&_after_arm_burn_scar_2.jpg befor_&_after_arm_burn_scar_3.jpg
Before - Third degree burns on hands Mid - Six months of ReJuveness silicone sheeting and pressure garments After - one year -Fully healed, near Scarless appearance
alt alt
Before - Straight cut scar After - Near scarless appearance
chemical_burn__scar_before_and_after.jpg chemical_burn_scar_before_and_after_2.jpg
Before - Chemical burn lesion turned Hypertrophic(dark scar), such a scar can proliferate excess scar tissue and exhibit early wound stage phenomena of being red, raised and itching for up to a year After - 3 months scar is permanently healed, flattened and even colored (neither to red or to white)
before_&_after_hypertrophic_burn_scar.jpg before_&_after_hypertrophic_burn_scar_2.jpg
Before - Severe burn scar turned hypertrophic After - Treatment with ReJuveness Hyper Heal cream in combination with our silicone sheeting
befor_&_after_face_scar.jpg befor_&_after_face_scar_2.jpg
Before - A wound suffered in a car accident on a woman prone to keloiding according to her physician After - Treatment with ReJuveness Hyper Heal cream in combination with our silicone sheeting achieves scarless appearance
befor_&_after_kid_burn_scar.jpg befor_&_after_kid_burn_scar_2.jpg
Before - Child's burn scar After - ReJuveness silicone sheeting treatment
befor_&_after_hand_burn_scar.jpg befor_&_after_hand_burn_scar_2.jpg befor_&_after_hand_burn_scar_3.jpg
Before - Under arm skin graph and burn scar Mid - Treatment with ReJuveness- skin graph - scar contraction and hyper-pigmentation After - ReJuveness silicone sheeting resolves both scar contraction and hyper - pigmentation

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